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World map with localities Trans-Hudson Belt, Baffin I Akia Terrane, West Greenland USA: Western Massachusetts, metamorphism Norway: Western Gneiss Complex Scotland: Moine Thrust Zone, Dalradian etc. SW England: Granites, hornfelses, mineralization Spain: El Hoyazo partially melted xenoliths Western Sahara: Reguibat Shield Ghana: gold mineralization Western Nigeria: gold mineralization S Africa: Namaqualand Metamorphic Complex S Africa: Bushveld Complex and thermal aureole Oman/UAE: Semail ophiolite and related metamorphic rocks Alps: high-P metamorphism Serbia: Magmatism and Cu mineralization Greece: Aegean tectonics and metamorphism Pakistan: Karakoram and Kohistan petrology India: Ladakh, Zanskar, structure and metamorphism China: SE Tibet structure and metamorphism Nepal/China: Himalayan structure, metamorphism, melting Myanmar (Burma): Petrology, mineral resources, tectonics Vietnam: Red River fault system Malaysia: Tin granites

Fundamental Metamorphic Processes

We can't read the information contained in metamorphic rocks without knowing their language. There is still much to learn about the mechanism and kinetics of grain-scale processes of reaction and deformation and how they control rock microstructure. This link takes you to Dave's research pages.

Tectonics of Asia

Mike Searle's research pages. Here you will find information and publications lists relating to a wide range of projects, including: the Oman Mountains; the Himalaya, Karakoram and Tibet; Southeast Asia. Also the geological map of Mt Everest, and some stunning photographs.

Economic Geology

At Oxford we aim to explore the relationships between the pattern of global tectonics and the nature and distribution of mineral resources.

Metamorphic Modelling

Field-based D.Phil. projects that use thermodynamic modelling together with microstructural analysis and methods of isotopic age determination to understand crustal processes and the tectonic evolution of mountain belts.

Migmatites and Granulites

Dehydration melting is believed to be an important process in the deep crust, responsible for generating water-undersaturated melts and leaving granulite facies assemblages in the residue.

Subduction Zone Metamorphism

Dave's eclogite pages include the Waters & Martin garnet-clinopyroxene-phengite geobarometer calibration. A current interest lies in using retrograde amphibole-bearing assemblages to constrain both the exhumation path and the water budget of eclogitic associations.

Metamorphic Geology of the Himalaya

Complementary to large-scale field and tectonic studies is the petrological investigation of the assemblages and microstructures of small samples. Here among Dave's pages you will find additional information about metamorphic aspects of our Himalayan research.

Museum of Natural History

What's the University Museum doing in this list?
1. It's the home of extensive petrological research collections that the Group draws upon for projects.
2. It holds the archive of LR Wager, geologist, mountaineer, explorer and later Professor of Geology at Oxford (1950-1965), which includes his crucial specimen collections from the Mt Everest region and from East Greenland.

Completed Masters Projects

Charles Cooper (2014): [Structure and metamorphism of high-P units in the Saih Hatat culmination, Oman]

Freya George (2014): Petrology and petrogenesis of garnet-bearing rocks from the Jijal Complex, Pakistan Himalaya.

Victoria Honour (2014): Possible controls on Fe-Ti-P mineralization in the Upper Zone of the Bushveld Complex, South Africa?

Tom Lamont (2014): The Structural and Metamorphic evolution of the Cycladic Islands, Greece (Naxos, Ios, Tinos, Mykonos) from Ophiolite Obduction to Extensional Exhumation of the Aegean Orogeny.

Charlotte McKeever (2014): [Geochemistry of alteration at the Kiaka gold deposit, Burkina Faso]

Laura Airaghi (2013, for ENS, Paris): Amphibole stability in subduction zone assemblages.

Alan Cherry (2013): Structural and metamorphic evolution of lower crust granulites in the northern Oman/U.A.E Mountains.

Lucy Crane (2013):

Chris Freeman (2013): The nature and origin of gold mineralization at Bin Yauri, NW Nigeria – a comparison of orogenic and intrusion-related mineralization processes.

Rebecca Perkins (2013): The nature and origin of hydrothermal alteration and vein mineralisation at the Rex Pit, Damang Mine, Ghana.

Katie Bray (2012): [Gold mineralisation, Ethiopia]

Harry Clarke (2012): Gold mineralization and hydrothermal alteration associated with the Beta porphyry, St Ives gold camp, western Australia.

Robbie Cowan (2012): Structural-metamorphic evolution of the sub-ophiolite metamorphic sole, Oman Ophiolite.
See also Cowan et al. (2014)

Tom Czertowicz (2012): Exhumation paths of eclogites using the composition of symplectic breakdown products.

William Nash (2012): Tectonic and thermal evolution of the Hunza Karakoram.

Paul Starr (2012): Bulk compositional controls on eclogite phase equilibria: characterising the metamorphic signature of pre-subduction hydrothermal alteration.

Andrew Bullimore (2011): Geological, tectonic and chronological setting for gold mineralisation in Northwest Nigeria.

Jamie Coussens (2011): A structural and metamorphic profile of the Moine Thrust Zone, Moine Nappe and Naver Nappe, NW Scotland.

Jack Garman (2011): Geological, geochemical and metamorpho-tectonic setting of gold mineralization at the Kiaka deposit, southern Burkina Faso.

Sarah Harvey (2011): The Grampian metamorphic gradient near the Highland Boundary Fault, Stonehaven, NE Scotland – Field mapping and P-T estimates.

Hannah Hughes (2010): Processes affecting trace element concentration in highly fractionated granitoids: a comparison of Zanskar-Himalayan and Cornubian leucogranites.

Ryan Langdon (2010): Subduction zone metamorphism – Field mapping and P-T estimates from the Monviso Ophiolite, Western Alps.
See also Angiboust et al. (2012)

Jonathan Pownall (2010): Field relations along the margins of the Land’s End and Tregonning granites and P-T conditions of the metamorphic aureole.
See also Pownall et al. (2012)

Ruth Brooker (2009): Petrological, mineral-chemical and morphological characterisation of the Carbon Leader Reef, Driefontein gold mine, Witwatersrand Basin, South Africa.

Will Brownscombe (2009): The Tinga anomaly: a new style of gold mineralisation in Ghana?

Max Wigley (2009): Phase relations of osumilite and reaction processes in granulite facies rocks from Namaqualand, South Africa.

Richard Palin (2008): P-T-time paths and tectonic correlation in the Karakoram Metamorphic Complex.
See also Palin et al. (2012)

David Riley (2008): A microstructural and metamorphic profile across the South Tibetan Detachment System, Dzakaa Chu valley, Tibet.
See also Cottle et al. (2011)

Alistair White (2008): The petrology and timing of ore formation and igneous activity on the Zambian Copperbelt.